Honeycomb Blinds

July 6, 2016

Perfect for High-tech Homes

Honeycomb Blinds

When you’re looking for shade blinds, your main consideration is its ability to control the amount of light coming in your window. It is essential to take control of just how much light is coming in from the outside if you want to control the light indoors. With the right type of horizontal blinds, you’ll be able to maximize the light passing through as well as soften it. Diffusing light is important especially if your room or your office has windows that let plenty of harsh sunlight in.

A Secondary Function

Light isn’t the only thing that passes through windows. During the cold months, windows become a significant source of heat loss. To reduce the amount you spend on heating, you can choose to improve your insulation with the use of honeycomb blinds. These work so well as window decorations because they look like art pieces due to their design but they don’t just function like any other window cover. This is because they have an insulated layer of air that’s trapped in between the adjacent vane segments. It is this air that helps reduce heat loss resulting in lowered heating costs for your home.

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