Roller Blinds

July 6, 2016
Roller blinds

The light that’s shining through the window of your home should be utilized to best control the indoor lighting of your home. You can use window shades to do this. During very sunny days when you prefer to tone down the lighting, you may use dark roller shade blinds to reduce the amount of light coming in. If you prefer your work or living space to be bathed in bright radiant light, then you can use translucent or light colored ones instead. The choice will depend solely on your preference and needs.

A Simple Rolling Solution

If you are a minimalist when it comes to choosing design, then roller shades are right up your alley. Most are made of solid colors that can either be dark to improve room darkening capabilities or light and almost translucent to allow lighting with natural sunlight. There are also roller blinds that have prints on them. Just choose the design that suits your taste.

To get your custom roller blinds installed in your home, just ask us at Agoura Hills Blinds & Shades and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation as well as some free samples you can use to check how they’ll look. On top of this, you’ll also get a 5 year warranty for every product installed, with a satisfaction guarantee!