Zebra Blinds

July 6, 2016

If you are looking for window covers for your home, Zebra Blinds are an option which provides the light control many want for their rooms, while also having a sleek appearance, and convenient operating mechanisms. The material in these blinds is layered horizontally and alternates between sheaths of thick material and sheer material. With two layers of material which are pulled around a pulley, the alternating horizontal blinds can be lined up to completely block out light, or to let it in. The operating mechanism contains no long cords or loose parts, making these shades safe for pets and children. Another interesting fact about the design is that it has a continuous cord movement mechanism, making your adjustments easy and precise. You can also opt for a cordless option, meaning that your blinds can be adjusted simply with the push of a button.

Choose Your Zebra Window Covers

Zebra window covers are quick and easy to install as they arrive with the installation mechanism attached. However, our company is happy to help with the installation to ensure it is done just right. TheseZebra Window Covers are available in many different materials depending not only on your personal style but your exact needs for privacy and light control. With the many options available, you will also find that there are many affordable prices available as well. We offer free shipping and the best price on our blinds along with quality service; so call Agoura Hills Blinds & Shades to learn how to get this stylish blind in your home today!