Silhouette Blinds

July 6, 2016
Silhouette Blinds

We use windows to look outside or to look inside a room, depending on our vantage point. Because of its open nature, windows also let natural external lighting in. When sunlight is not diffused by any shade or covering, it tends to be highly irritating to the eyes, disrupting comfort at home or in the office.

If you’ve encountered this problem or if you wish to have indoor ambient lighting naturally, then you should get silhouette shades.

The Benefits of the Silhouette

Silhouette blinds look like a cross between the Venetian and roller shade blinds. The horizontal vanes serve to block light. Their angle can be manipulated to reduce or increase the amount of light that is allowed to pass through. The panel of fabric that’s draped over these vanes is there to diffuse light. This is possible because the fabric or soft material utilized is translucent or light colored. If you want, you can choose darker window coverings to provide more of a darkening effect indoors. Because the covers are translucent, objects on the other side will appear as silhouettes thus they are also good for providing privacy.

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