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Cellular Shades

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With Cellular shades, you get one of the most useful and versatile designs available. This type of blind consists of two precisely designed sheets that combine to form cells that have a unique hexagonal shape. This shape allows the blind to fold and collect together efficiently into a neat pile. They are incredibly popular for modern interiors as they look fantastic both open and closed. They also offer a variety of practical benefits for your rooms, discussed in the next section. 

The Benefits Of These Blinds

The innovative sheets that combine to make the blinds are solid. This makes them very effective at stopping light flow into your rooms when in the closed position. If you like to block out light during the day, want privacy, or like the idea of having the sheets made in two different colors, this style of blind is an ideal option. The sheets also maintain a gap of air between them when flat and fully opened. This structure acts as an effective insulator, making this design handy at helping regulate the temperature in your rooms. They stop drafts and can help keep the warmth from passing through the window, which ensures comfortable living conditions throughout the year. 

Choosing The Perfect Set

If you’re unsure about which set would be most suitable for your current interior, we offer a convenient in-home consultation service. We advise on the best options to fit your needs and preferences, as well as take the measurements needed to get the perfect fit for all your windows. Our Cellular shades can be made to the exact dimensions you need. Get in touch today with our team to arrange a visit, or get answers to any questions you might have!


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