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Looking for valuable advice and information on shades and blinds for homes and offices? Read the following FAQs and see if the answer you're looking for was provided. If it was, great! Let us know if you're interested in scheduling a free consultation with one of our window treatment experts. If it wasn't, don't worry. Just give us a call and ask us what you want to know.

Do cellular shades come in just one size?

Of course not! Cellular shades, sometimes called honeycomb blinds for their hexagonal pocket pattern, come in a variety of pleat sizes. If you need to cover a large window, you need larger pleats. If it's a small window you should have smaller ones. This will help the structure work more efficiently in terms of providing some added insulation. Different sized cells fit different interior fashions and decor in different ways. This is where the custom part of our custom made shades really comes into play.

Which blackout blinds are best for keeping out light?

When you need blinds that keep out as much sunlight as possible, you should look for full blackout covering options. Different shades provide different levels of obscurity and privacy. As far as light-blocking qualities, some are unquestionably better than others. Roller shades provide excellent blackout options. It all depends on the opacity level of the fabric in question. Cellular shades also make for a great choice if you require blackout options. As long as the blinds are custom made to fit the windows in question, these two options will serve you well.

Are patio door shades a good idea?

Patio door shades are more than a practical way to cover glass doors. You can keep them rolled up during the day to get the maximum amount of sunlight in. As evening approaches, lower them to gain complete privacy. You can easily choose a model matching your interior decor. Let us know if you need help choosing the right blinds for you.

Pleated or flat Roman shades - which is better?

The pleated models are true classics when it comes to Roman shades. They have volume and literally give texture to the wall. It's hard to deny how eye-catching they are. Roman shades have lasted for so long for very good reasons. They're impressive decorative pieces in addition to being excellent window treatments. The flat models have minimalistic appeal and look and feel more modern, so the choice comes down to taste.

Are blinds or shades better for bay windows?

The answer depends on your personal preferences. Roller shades make for a very popular choice for all sorts of windows. It's hard to beat their blackout and privacy benefits. Roman shades have a certain classic feel and can work as fabulous decorative pieces. For maximum light control, with minimal maintenance, you can go with faux wood blinds. The type of window treatment you choose will determine how much privacy and light control options you'll have, so be sure to consult with a professional (like us).


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