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Our team has been busy recently! Down below you can read the summaries of some of our latest blind and shade installation projects, including details on the custom designs and the installation processes itself.

Faux Wood Blinds | Calabasas | Agoura Hills Blinds & Shades

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Price’s blinds weren’t getting enough attention, and started to become moldy and rotten.
Our Solution: Since this customer really loved the look of wood blinds but hated the idea of regular maintenance, he was over the moon when we suggested replacing them with faux wood blinds. We returned at a scheduled time and installed the blinds in the color and stain Mr. Price chose during our initial visit. They were a perfect fit because we made them to the exact specifications of this customer’s windows.

Billy Price - Calabasas
Vertical Blinds Nearby Agoura Hills CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Miderson has a long library window to cover, and knew that traditional shades wouldn’t work well. Vertical blinds seemed like the best option.
Our Solution: After taking the window frame measurements, our production team got working on the blinds and track system. Since the window was shallow, we had to install an expanded sill to make room for secure track installation. Once the rollers were in and the strings hooked up though, the whole system looked natural and attractive.

Roseanne Miderson - Agoura Hills
Motorized Blinds for Sliding Doors Nearest Cornell CA

Motorized Blinds for Sliding Doors

Customer Issue: The customer was looking for easy to use blinds for his sliding doors and came to us for assistance.
Our Solution: After discussing various options with Mr. Harrison, he agreed that motorized blinds were exactly what he was looking for when it came to simplicity in operating them, thanks to being able to use a remote control. The blinds were custom made to suit the doors and were then installed by our team as soon as they were ready.

Bobby Harrison - Cornell
Layered Shades Next To Calabasas CA

Layered Shades

Customer Issue: A window was overlooking a beautiful lake but too much sun was getting in and the customer wanted shades that could offer protection without running the view.
Our Solution: Our team recommended custom-made layered shades that will perfectly fit over the window, and will provide a flawless view while open and prevent the UV harmful effect when closed. The customer chose room-darkening fabric for the alternating horizontal segments.

Keith Campos - Calabasas
Motorized Venetian Blinds Close-by Agoura Hills CA

Motorized Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: A modestly sized office suite had two double-sized and three single window frames that needed shades, and the proprietor wanted automatic controls.
Our Solution: Our team put together the Venetian blinds in both the requisite sizes, and our installation technicians made an afternoon project of installing them all and testing the remote controls, timers, and power supplies for each motor.

Mortimer McMyer - Agoura Hills
Roller Shades Next To Oak Park CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Kris had an old bedroom to repurpose. Since the window blinds were old and starting to fall apart, she opted to replace them with some new roller shades.
Our Solution: Removing the old set of synthetic blinds was more work for our technicians than making the new shades or installing them, but they worked with what they had. The new drawcord uses part of the same housing as the old tape, and the shades fit the room very nicely.

Marissa Kris - Oak Park
Faux-Wood Blinds Next To Agoura Hills CA

Faux-Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: The windows of Ms. Day’s quaint little bed and breakfast hosting room needed to afford some privacy and light control, as well as match the old timey wooden walls and faux-wood linoleum surrounding it.
Our Solution: Fortunately for our design team, the bed and breakfast room had only two windows, both of standard bedroom size. The composite wood-vinyl panel blinds were framed and installed without any complications, and some testing worked out all the kinks with the control tape.

Eliza Day - Agoura Hills
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Outstanding Service

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